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Research Computing is a tough field that combines the challenges of many disciplines. Like academia, we often work with team members who are trainees, not employees; like nonprofits we are called on to enact real changes with ongoing programmes or products while funded only by budgets dependent on multiple short-term grants. The newsletter is about the genuinely hard day-to-day work of designing, building and managing R&D computing teams, projects, and software.

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Hiring from outside research, writing job ads, onboarding, the responsibility ladder.


One-on-Ones, giving feedback, coaching and training, distributed teams.

Managing upwards, outwards

Building and sustaining support for projects, shepharding multi-institution collaborations, communications.

Career paths

for our team members and ourselves.

Computing, data, and academic credit

Supporting research communities and crediting your team members efforts.

Automation and reproducibility

Reducing toil and writing machine-readable documentation.

Lifecycle of development

R&D software and systems planning and development throughout the lifecycle.

Grants and Sustainability

How to sustain the research computing and data products you're building.

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So you are an expert on this stuff, right?

Nobody is, but we can all get better. I do have a lot of experience in this area from a lot of different perspectives and in a lot of different disciplines, and have seen research computing teams succeed and struggle.

Will my email address get sold/used for anything else?

No. I’ll use it only for sending you my thoughts on R&D computing teams, and when you no longer care to continue hearing those thoughts, unsubscribe at any time, and I’ll remove the unsubscribed member’s information routinely. No one other than me and whatever tool I’m using at the time to send out the newsletter will ever have access to your email address.

How much tracking is being done in your emails?

None; there is no tracking or analytics for the emails, and only the most rudimentory logging on the website. That means the only way I find out what and if you’re reading, liked what you read, or were interested in some parts more than others is when you email me to tell me! So please at any time just hit reply (the email will only go to me) and tell me your opinions about what you’ve read or what you’d like to see more of.