How RCT Can Help

How RCT Can Help You

Research computing and data teams are important. Creating them, managing them, defining their focus, and helping them deliver for researchers doesn’t have to be stressful or mysterious.

Helping You and Your Teams

Research Computing Teams aims to help people thinking of getting into management, managers, directors, and VPRs by providing current news and approaches, curated resources, and one-on-one help, support, and facilitation for research computing and data teams.

The Newsletter

Get the latest from Jonathan, and a weekly roundup of news relevant to research computing and data managers or those thinking of managing — latest in management techniques, research computing and data technology, product management, research community engagement, and funding approaches.


I’m starting to put together specific resources distilled from advice in the newsletter.
The first is my quickstart guide (PDF, epub) to getting starting with one-on-ones, listing out daily steps and resources to get one-on-ones up and running over the course of a month. More are coming!

Coaching And Questions

Whether you’re a new manager learning the ropes or an experienced leader facing a new challenge, email me or arrange a quick coaching call to get some help.

RCT Community

Coming soon! We’re setting up an online community so that RCT readers and community members can share knowledge between themselves. Contact RCT if you want to be an early participant.