#16 - How To Quickly Start One-on-Ones with your Research Computing Team: A One-Week Plan of Action

Hi, everyone:

Sorry for the off-cycle email.

A lot of us are trying to figure out how to manage our teams now that we’re not all working in the same space. I’ve written about one-on-ones before; if you’re already doing them, they will help you stay connected with your teammates over the coming weeks.

If you aren’t, I’ve put together a one-week plan to get started doing one-on-ones with your newly-remote research computing team. For each weekday, there’s about 20 minutes total of reading plus homework to do to get you started doing one-on-ones with your team starting one week from when you begin. There’s follow-up activities in weeks two and three to take stock, make tweaks, and start thinking about tools that will help.

I’ll circulate it more widely soon, but I want newsletter subscribers to have access to it first. It’s all posted here in one document.

It’s a long read — the whole week plus followups in one place. I’ll also add a signup form so you can get it sent to you in email form one days’ worth at a time, and I’ll make it available as an ebook as well.

I hope this is useful; reply and let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Talk to you again on Friday with the regular link round up.

Best wishes to you and your team,